PRAYER POINT

1. Pray for Apostles society for social development mission.

2. Pray for orphan children life and their need and their education.

3. Pray for Banswara, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat where our ministry are going by faith and prayer.

4. Pray for widows helping ministry and pray for their needs

5. Pray for free medical camp ministry and if any one life to contact free medical camp in tribal villages let me know.

6. Pray for 30 churches need in different trial villages

7. Pray for Apostles prayer team and prayer tower ministry

8. Pray for the food and cloth and medicine we need for orphan and poor and needy and untouched children and man and woman who really suffering for this need.

9. Pray for Adult education program we are going to start in tribal villages so that this poor and needy and untouched people know how to read and write and through this program we want teach how to read bible.

10. Pray for Food and cloth needed for poor and needy and dalit people

11. Pray for water pump need in tribal villages because here woman and man are bring water from 5 to 10 kim so the villager are suffering for water.