Part of  Apostles society for social development ministry  passion is for all people to have the opportunity to hear and accept the good news about Jesus Christ. Part of this passion is the recognition that God requires us to care for the poor. With this in mind, Apostles society for social development  Ministries has embarked on doing regular outreach events to rural Indian villages. During these events we seek to strengthen and encourage local Christians, provide training to pastors and church leaders, care for the needy through donated goods, and run evangelistic outreach events.

In the past, 2008-2011, Apostles society for social development ministries conducted vocational schools and put down with surface hand pumps. We continued with the showing the Jesus Film through laptop to different tribal villages and we have put down 15 to 30 hand pumps, in 2014. We also held Pastor Training, spiritual Conferences and started Bible studies groups and prayer groups in rural villages and Pastors and church leaders. And youth and woman spiritual growth meetings and free medical camps and Apostles prayer tower and Apostles schools in different 3 villages which running in rent house and Apostles orphan home. This was in conjunction with our partner in ministry. In 2014 we showed the Jesus film through laptop  and put down a hand pumps in several tribal villages. We were then allowed to start a house churches in these villages. We have 30 village house churches and we are waiting a church building over there. We thank God for donors who specifically.  Our pastors and Missionaries  have covered 20  tribal villages  thus far.