India is home to 287 million adults who can neither read nor write. These illiterate men and women lack the ability to help their children with homework, read about current events or understand vital information such as warning labels on medication. Many are trapped in unskilled labor with no hope to rise out of poverty.

We conduct adult literacy classes in some of major languages of India. Adults learn for the first time how to shape letters and sound out words. As they progress, their reading exercises include relevant material about health, social awareness, moral values and other general knowledge. The literacy classes empower community members to pursue knowledge, make informed decisions and create a better life for themselves and their families.

The  emerging Church is Growing  Rapidly among the poor, oppressed communities in india. the truth is most of thees people are illiterate. and letters and Numbers symbols. the inabilitry to read and write has a profound debilitating effect on all of life, including spiritual development. as people committed to completing the great commission, we need to understand and shape our mission sttategies on sound realities. Church and mission leaders across india have established a target of 20 percent of the indian population being churistian by the year 2020. this is a net increase of 10000 perecnt in littles more  than a decade. the literacy rate in the emerging church currently is low, even among church leaders. with the type of growth proposed, the lack of ability to read the word of God will have crippling effects on the sustainability of these new believers. and my aim is to test the validity of the argument that literacy is improttant of discipleship. my goal is to show that the great commision will be much closer to the great competion in india  as well as other developing nations, when missionaries disciple new believers with a bible in one hand and literacy primers in the other.

Imagine picking up a Bile writtten in your own hanguage --- but you cantnot read a singe word. You faithfully attend worship services each week, lead by a pastor who is illiterate himself. you want to grow stronger in your faith, but you lack direct access to the wisdom and guidance of the scriptures.

This is the reality for most new Christians in  India, Where an estimated 70 percent of people are functionally illiterate.New believers are passionate about following jesus , yet cannot read the word of God for themselives.Many church leaders lack the basic skills to guide their growing congregations into spiritual maturity. Illiteracy is an epidemic that threatens to undermine the long-term strength of the church in India, which is experiencing exposive growth.

The Great commission comands us to '' and make disciples of all nations''  Likewise/ we are called to fulfill the Great compassion: '' love your neighbor as yourself.'' Both are expressoins of Jesus Christ' love for people. You willbe challenged to share the gift of literacy as a tangible act of obedience to Jesus Christ' two ''Great'' commands.

The Goal of Adults literacy

1. Teaching to read, write and do Arithmetic

2. Bringing awareness on health and environmental  stewardship

3. Motivating to raise their social status

4. Helping to become self supported

5. Teaching moral and ethical values

Our Work..